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ESC Exam Venues in Europe

ESC Exam Venues in Europe For those living in Europe you’ll find a great number of ESC exam venues available for you to choose from. The majority of countries within Europe have at least one venue, although others include the UK, Spain and Italy have multiple ESC exam venues for greater flexibility.

ESC Exam Venues in India

If you live or located in India, that’s great, we have a number of venues available where you can sit your ESC exam. ESC exam venues include New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad.

ESC Exam Venues in Australia & Asia

Looking for an ESC exam venue in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand? – No Problem.

ESC Exam Venues in Africa

Providing ESC exam venues throughout Africa is a big challenge, we think we’ve done a good job. A great number of exam venues are available across the continent covering all regions from North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and South Africa. We can walk you through the choices available, which can be worthwhile as costs do vary from location to location.

ESC Exam Venues in the Middle East

Our Middle East region includes the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Cyprus and many others. For a full comprehensive list, please contact us and a course advisor from our World Wide offices can provide advice regarding exam procedure, available venues and dates, etc.

ESC Exam Venues in South America

South America is vast and we have provided at least four venues in each corner of the continent to ensure ESC exam venues are available to students. Exam venue fees vary and the cost of travel may be a factor in your decision.

ESC Exam Venues in America & Canada

ESC exam venues are available across Central America, Caribbean, the majority of the USA and Canada. You’ll find venues ranging from Mexico, Antigua and Barbuda, California, Texas, New York, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver to name but a few

Wherever you are, living in or working aboard we have an examination venue near you!