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About European Safety Council

ESC is a leading pioneer in the education of Occupational Health , Safety and Environment (OHSE), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. ESC is accredited by several leading institutions endorsing it’s quality of education. The qualifications offered by ESC are most sought after by employers and universities.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies are gaining more presence and it won’t be long enough when robots contribute to sizeable workforce. With the advent of machine learning systems and AI, the challenges to OHS will acquire different dimensions leading to lawmakers passing newer legislations.

The newer challenges will affect mental health of workers when communication is inorganic with AI systems like Robots who will be the co-workers.

Sustainability is a key corporate strategy with many companies realizing the significant business benefits.United Nations have released Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Corporate are keen to integrate SDG into OHS management systems and implement metrics to measure sustainability benefits.

ESC looks beyond the conventional qualifications offered in HSE sector and aspires to develop and promote academic products to align to a globalized , sustainable , technological world. The focus of ESC in OHS is to ignite the employers and employees mind to current trends in AI,ML Technologies, Sustainability and Globalisation and emphasize the significance of including it in corporate strategies.

HSE sector cannot be alienated from technological advances and it is a necessity for OHS workers to be educated about latest trends in technology, environment and sustainability and how they can integrate all these elements to develop an effective Occupational Health , Safety, Environment Management Systems.

ESC takes into cognisance the massive number of skilled workers in HSE sector who have gained skills through on the job training in HSE department and lacking a contemporary education. ESC recognises and tap such talent in HSE sector and help them to leverage their career through ESC academic solutions and prepare them for a future world.

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