Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM

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Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM

Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM is a RQF Level 7 qualification regulated by ofQual, UK. It is accredited by IOSH for GRAD IOSH membership. Holders of this qualification can apply for GRAD IOSH status with IOSH. CMIOSH aspirants can also study this course as part of their CPD. This qualification is a higher-level qualification in Safety especially as an International Safety diploma. This qualification offers 60 credits upon successful completion of the course.

The qualification is framed under RQF level 7 or European Qualification framework Level 7. Being an international safety diploma, this qualification is in high demand and accepted in all the countries.

Course Structure

Qualifi Level 7 IDIP in OHSM consists of 4 units. The 4 units are given below. Each unit has 15 credits. There are 60 credits awarded for this qualification. Below is the course structure with unit code and unit titles.


This course is fully regulated by Ofqual UK.

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Entry Criteria of Qualifi Level 7 IDIP in OHSM

Entry criteria for this RQF Level 7 course is framed such that it covers wide range of learners with different academic backgrounds and with different levels of experience.

  • A minimum of a RQF Level 6 qualification in an ESC course or in a related sector (or)
  • Bachelors in Engineering (or)
  • Masters in Engineering (or)
  • RQF Level 7 or 6 Diploma (or)
  • A minimum of 3 years’ managerial work experience which demonstrates current and relevant industry knowledge (or)
  • European Safety Council’s Int Diploma in HSE endorsed by Qualifi(or)
  • NEBOSH International Diploma

Learners who do not possess sufficient academic background or experience is considered based on their aptitude and ability to cope up with the qualification.

Learning Outcomes of Qualifi Level 7 IDIP in OHSM

The learning outcomes of this international safety diploma is to evaluate the implementation of occupational health and safety management systems, analyze the various risk assessment techniques, measure the performance and check the effectiveness of safety culture. It also assesses the learner’s competence in the areas of sustainability, globalization and digitalization in occupational health and safety.

Mode of Study of Qualifi Level 7 IDIP in OHSM

Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM is delivered by European Safety Council (ESC) directly. Redhat Safety is one of the course advisors of this qualification. Learners can enroll directly with ESC or via Redhat safety. Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM is delivered online and provides valuable tutor feedback in completing the 4 units in this course.

Assessment Method and Duration of Qualifi Level 7 IDIP in OHSM

Upon registration to the course, the learners will receive the unit documents from the assessor via email. Each unit has several questions. Learners can start with any unit. Learners can prepare the answers for the questions through online research, apply their work experience knowledge, refer to journals etc. Learners should send the updated unit document to the assessor for evaluation. Assessor will provide feedback to the learner and learner has to revise the answer and resubmit the unit documents. Upon meeting the assessment criteria, learner unit is approved. The interaction between assessor and learner via feedback is well documented and highly useful in improving the learning curve of the registered learner. It should be noted that Qualifi has a strict policy towards ensuring the integrity of the learner work. This is done by applying plagiarism checks to the learner submitted work and approving after meeting the uniqueness standard set by the quality team.

18 months duration is available to complete this qualification. Learners usually complete this course in a period of 6 months.

Benefits of Qualifi Level 7 IDIP in OHSM

  • This is a RQF Level 7 qualification and hence 60 credits are awarded to the learners on successful completion of the course.
  • Learners can apply for Post Graduate degrees in occupational health and safety in the UK universities. Since the learners have 60 credits, exemption is provided by the universities while applying for post graduate courses. That is learners have only 120 credits to complete the post graduate qualification instead of 180 credits.
  • This course offers career progression from safety officer to safety manager, or helps in promotions during appraisal. This is a preferred RQF Level 7 qualification for professionals in occupational health and safety domain. Directors and professionals in leadership categories prefer this RQF Level 7 course.
  • Course content is well structured and each unit reflects the emerging and changing landscape of the occupational health and safety domain. This qualification is considered a contemporary and quality RQF Level 7 qualification in International Safety diploma.

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