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Qualifi Level 7 Int Dip in OHSM is an ofQual regulated qualification with 60 credit points.

The Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management will require Learners to evaluate a wide range of occupational health and safety implementation standards, risk assessment techniques and models. It will also require learners to demonstrate a deep understanding of globalization and sustainability issues that have an impact on the safety culture of an organisation.

There are 4 units in this qualification. The units are

  • Management-Driven, Risk-Based Safety Management Systems
  • Globalisation, Sustainability and Safety Culture Performance
  • Digitalisation and Incident Investigation
  • Development as a Strategic Manager

The overall learning outcomes of the Diploma are to:

  • Apply and make critiques of different implementation standards of occupational health and safety management.
  • Evaluate the role of strategic leadership in risk management
  • Review the impact of globalization in an organisation’s safety culture
  • Understand and apply the principles of sustainability in safety sector
  • Analyse problem-solving techniques that are specific to risk assessment
  • Manage strategic risks in organisation health and safety domain
  • Analyse the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in occupational health and safety risk management
  • Evaluate risk control measures from a wide range of hazards

18 months are available to complete this qualification. Extension are provided to complete the qualification if learner has not completed in 18 months. The average time to complete this qualification is 6 months.

Qualifi Level 7 Int Diploma in OHSM carries 60 credit points.15 credit points per unit.

QUALIFI Level 7 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management

There is no examination for this qualification. There are 4 modules in this qualification. There will be a set of questions in each unit. Learners are expected to answer the questions in each unit and send the documents in email to the assessor.

Candidates are expected to apply their work experience, research and synthesis information from various sources and prepare answers for the questions and send to assessor for review.

Assessor will examine all the answers for each module and will provide feedback to the candidates. If assessor is not satisfied with an answer, then based on assessor feedback, the learner will rectify their work and send for review again. This is a cyclic process and once learner meets the assessment criteria, then the assessor will mark the module as successfully completed. Learners need not worry about the rework as that is how each learner will progress in this qualification through feedback and correction.

Once the candidate successfully completes all the four units, they will be awarded certificate parchments.

Course Advisors will help you in getting enrolled for this course. Please follow this link to find course advisors.


Course Advisors are dedicated counsellors who can help you in selecting the right course for your future. Course advisors work in their respective locations and can help you from submitting your ESC application to enrolling in course.

To enrol, Contact any of the course advisors and get information about the courses.

Course Advisors do not teach nor support the learner after enrollment. Course advisors guide you about the courses and send your application forms to ESC for enrollment.

ESC is the learning partner to execute this course. Upon learner’s successful enrolment, ESC will contact the learners directly and will guide the learner’s in completion of the course. Learners can contact ESC to clarify any doubts related to the course.

Please email to info@europeansafetycoucil.uk for any queries related to the qualification.

Fees structure are fixed by the course advisors. Since prospective candidates enrol via the course advisors, learners should contact the course advisors to learn about fees structure.

University of Portsmouth recognises the Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in OHSM as progression route to MSc OHSM.

If you already hold Qualifi Level 7 International Diploma in OHSM then you can apply to progress to MSc OHSM at University of Portsmouth and they will recognise your Qualifi qualification as 60 credits, allowing you to study 120 credits with the Learning at Work department.

60 credits will apply only for those learners who study Qualifi Level 7 Int’l Diploma OHSM course through ESC.

After you successfully complete Qualifi level 7 Int’l Diploma in OHSM, contact University of Portsmouth to apply for MSc OHSM

Contact details: University of Portsmouth

email: learningatwork@port.ac.uk

web: https://www.port.ac.uk/study/studying-while-working/work-based-degrees

To apply, learner’s need to apply via course page below: https://www.port.ac.uk/study/courses/msc–occupational-health-and-safety-management-learning-at-work

Learner’s should mention European Safety Council to the ‘Agent’ field on the online application form, so University of Portsmouth can recognise you as an ESC applicant and apply 60 credits. Don’t forget to upload your Qualifi level 7 Int’l Diploma in OHSM certificate.

This qualification is under European qualification framework(EQF L7). Since it is a regulated qualification with credit points(60), there are ample chances of obtaining (Grad IOSH) status.

IOSH is currently revamping membership categories. You can expect this qualification to be listed in IOSH , once IOSH completes the review work of all membership categories.

Qualifi Level 7 is an ofQual regulated qualification with 60 credit points. Please check the below link in ofQual for more information